DC Ambassadeurs d’entreprise offers you the coaching you need to project a credible and professional image. Relational expertise in business, understanding of codes and international know-how through knowledge of protocol, notions of civility and etiquette.

Advice and supervision of your customer service to reach the highest standards of relationship.

Advice and guidance for recognition programs and activities for organizations receiving philanthropic donations.

What we offer

Personalized individual training

Group Training

Advice role



Who are our services for?

DC Ambassadeurs d’ entreprise is aimed at executives and entrepreneurs responsible for international business development, managers responsible for welcoming foreign delegations and external clients or partners, as well as all companies who wish their employees or representatives to behave professionally and ethically at all times

Our approach

Our approach at DC Ambassadeurs d’entreprise is the result of a solid and fruitful coaching experience for executives and professionals. It begins with active listening of yours needs and then develops in strategic advice to enhance your confidence and enrich your business relationships and the image you project.